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MacFarlane Tartan History

The Scottish Clan MacFarlane has had battles with royalty over the years yet their tartan is still predominantly red, white and blue.

The MacFarlane clan are thought to be descended from the Earl of Lennox around the early 15th Century. It was in 1420 that the first use of the name was recorded, with an Iain MacPharlain confirmed to the lands of Arrochar.

However in a royal battle the lands were then given to the Stewarts by the crown. Throghout the following years, the family would have a battle with the monarchy. Their 13th clan chief fell against the English in 1547 whilst fighting on behalf of Mary Queen of Scots, a Stewart Queen.

The clan then also played a part in her downfall at the Battle of Langside in 1568. By 1645 the tables had turned again when a Walter MacFarlane fought for Charles I. This resulted in the English Olive Cromwell burning the MacFarlane seat at Loch Lomond during his invasion of Scotland.

A notable MacFarlane was another Walter MacFarlane, the 20th chief of the clan. He was a well noted scholar who devoted his life to research on behalf of Scotland. He died without heirs and his seat was sold by his brother after his passing.

In 1887 the direct male line of MacFarlanes failed, so the clan has remained without a chief or any notable lands for over 100 years.

The MacFarlane family tartan is a predominantly red tartan, encompassing both blue and green with little bits of black and white to lift the pattern. The clan tartan has a series of blue and green stripes, both vertical and horizontal on the red cloth. These stripes are outlined by both faint white lines, and slightly thicker black ones to create a bright and mismatched pattern effect.

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