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Morrison Tartan History

Clan Morrison is a clan with many branches throughout the highlands and islands, with various origins and further achievements in the field of battle.

There are many branches of this clan and they were primarily based in the highlands. Two factions of the clan remained in the Hebrides and one travelled down to Aberdeen, though they were still linked.

The Morrisons of the Isle of Lewis take their name from MacGilleMhoire, which has catholic roots. The name translates as servant of Mary and was later changed to Morrison as the area became more English speaking. The Morrisons of Mainland Scotland derived their name from the simpler concept of Son of Morris, as was traditional at the time. Finally, the Morrisons of Harris were of Irish roots and changed their name from Ó Muirgheasáin to Morrison through many generations.

The most powerful of these clans were the ones based on the Isle of Lewis, as they had strong links with the Lord of the Isles.

During periods of strife on the Isles as clans fought for sovereignty the Morrisons mainly attempted to keep the peace, as they were not as large in number as their neighbours.

This period of peace and power lasted until the sixteenth century for the clan but was finally ended by an heir. On his deathbed the clan chief confessed that he had fathered a MacLeod, who would be the next in line for the title. This heir used his power to ally with the Morrisons to fight his adopted clan butt when they were gone from the Islands he turned against the Morrisons and used other allies to defeat them.

The Morrisons of Lewis’ tartan has a background of green and black, which is said to signify their closeness to the land. It also features wefts and weaves of red and blue, which signifies the sea based portion of their tale, in a uniform pattern with intersecting crosses.

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