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Wallace Tartan History

Few Scottish clans enjoy such a rich history as that of the Wallace clan, who’s most famous member has been subject to plenty of embellishment.

There are few names in Scottish history that have as much clout or familiarity than the Wallace name. This clan have been featured in literature and movies, thanks to the actions of one William Wallace. The surname comes from the word Walensis, which was used to describe a Briton who hailed from the Strathclyde region.

Richard Walensis of Riccarton was the first member of the Wallace clan and he controlled lands in Ayrshire and Renfrewshire. The clan goes as far back as the 12th century and their motto of ‘For liberty’ and this was the motivation behind the clan’s most famous member, William Wallace. This great leader took his friends and family on what would be one of the most significant campaigns in Scottish history. Unfortunately Wallace was betrayed in the end and was killed by the crown in one of the most brutal executions known to the public at the time.

Following the execution of the patriot the clan flourished in other branches, such as the Wallaces of Cragie. This branch was founded by the uncle of William Wallace and he was eventually made the Baronet of Nova Scotia. This was a position that tasked him with the job of promoting the area of Nova Scotia to new residents and encouraging Scots to put down roots in this new land. The Wallaces of Cairnhill were another portion of this family tree that escaped the slur of a traitor and settled in Jamaica. The 35th chief of this clan was crowned in 1991 and these Wallaces arrange family reunions with members of the clan.

The Wallace tartan is relatively simple, with a background of black and red creating the majority of the pattern. This is then broken up by thin yellow lines on the foreground, which make the pattern come to life.

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