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ABOUT Tartan Carpets Australasia

Tartan Carpets Australasia is a family run business which specialises in the design and production of exquisite tartan rugs and carpets. We also offer a bespoke carpet service for both residential and commercial premises.

A Tartan Heritage

Originally from New Zealand, Murray Gardner CEO of iRubber and Dalsouple moved to Australia in 2006 and established a flooring company that imported premium rubber flooring from Europe (Dalsouple(France) & REMP (Italy) and also from the United States of America (Roppe, Burke Industries, AB Biltrite and Staticworx).

As the demand grew for the colourful and long lasting range of rubber flooring burgeoned – so has the need been to source a unique carpet manufacturer for tartan carpets that could even be made to colour match with bespoke colours. Stevens and Graham – tartan carpet manufacturers from Glasgow Scotland were seen as highly regarded and respected in this particular market.

In 2020 iRubber established Tartan Carpets Australasia to become the contact point for Stevens and Graham exclusive distributors for Australasia.

Although in its infancy in Australia, there is a strong Scottish and Irish clansmanship and this as well as “traditional” if not bespoke needs from the UK and Ireland -will create the demand that “heritage” brings in the years ahead.

Like Dalsouple and Roppe rubber, the traditional tartan carpets will last for a long time and will become an endearing part of any decor and destined to be remembered in their location and unique situation for years.

Be it in a clubhouse, library or a personal lounge or in an up- market hotel, the Steven and Graham range of tartan bespoke carpets and patterns will establish itself well in the years ahead.

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