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Colquhoun Tartan History

The Colquhoun name and tartan dates back around 800 and is one of the most interesting clans to still lay claim to the lands they were bestowed then.

The clan Colquhoun dates back to the time of Alexander II and still has roots firmly placed on the banks of Loch Lomond today. It’s thought that Malcolm, the Earl of Lennox, granted the lands of Colquhoun in Dunbartonshire to Humphrey of Kilpatrick in 1241. It’s the first recorded use of the surname, and is still where the family’s land resides 800 years later.

Throughout this period, the Colquhoun family had seen its fair share of ups and downs. For instance Ian of Luss, a Colquhoun, captured Dumbarton Castle from Lennox, only to be killed a decade later in 1439 by his people for his poor ruling of the lands. Their main standing in Luss was also raided in 1603 by MacGregors who were thieves. This was a rivalry which defeated 500 Colquhoun men and lasted for over 100 years.

However the Scottish clan survived and it mansion at Rossdhu House still stands today, however is now the home of Loch Lomond Golf Club.

The clan Colquhoun family tartan is made up of numerous colours which tend to feature on most tartans – green, blue, red, white and black. However the colours and pattern of this tartan are quite distinct from others. Using lighter shades of blue and green from other tartans like the Black Watch for instance, set this tartan apart as it doesn’t appear as instantly bold or harsh. The blue and green stripes form square which take up an equal proportion of the Highland dress. The blue sections are outlined by chunky black criss-crosses, whilst green squares are outlined by thin white horizontal and vertica lines. In the middle of all this lies a faint red horizontal and vertical stripe, which is spaced much further apart than the other colours of the tartan.

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