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Farquharson tartan history

The Farquharson clan was born later in clan history, telling a story of self-creation and success. As such they have a vibrant family tartan

Originally the Farquharsons were part of the Clan Chattan confederation. Some of the members of this confederation went on to become members of the Davidson clan, however it’s thought that a Farquhar was the originator of the Farquharson clan. It’s thought that his grandson Finla Mor was the first Farquharson on record.

Considered later in the period of clan origins, it was after Finla More died in the Battle of Pinkie in 1547, leaving behind 9 sons, that his clan began to grow and became more influential. As the clan had started off small, they kept their bond with the Clan Chatten as a form of insurance while they did not hold their own properties.

Later, in the 17th Century, the Farquharsons would claim Braemar Castle, which was built in 1628. The castle is still part of the clan and their clan chief still resides in the Aberdeenshire area.

Captain Alwyne Compton Farquharson of Invercauld has been the clan chief since 1941, and his estate is home to one of the most famous Highland Gatherings in the world, often attended by British royalty.

The Farquharson family tartan is a bold and colourful tartan that uses a blend of different colours to create its intricate pattern. The main colours of the tartan are a blue-grey and green. The green forms chunky horizontal and vertical stripes, whilst the grey blue forms chunky horizontal stripes, creating a sort of chequered pattern. The blue lines are bookended with black outlines, and two faint black horizontal and vertical lines on the inner edges. The whole pattern is set off with red thin criss-crossed lines meeting in the blue areas and green criss-crossed lines meeting in the green areas.

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